At ODES, we like to think along with you about your (future) product. Whether it’s a single piece, a small series, or mass production, we’re here to innovate and manufacture your product. In our professionally equipped workshop, we can create prototypes and small series to make your product a success. Throughout the entire process, we collaborate with you and provide support in design and feasibility where needed.

Curious about what we can do for you? (Or in the mood for a nice cup of coffee?) Feel free to contact us! We’re happy to assist.
How We Work
Explore transparency and collaboration in action through our process, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our strategic processes.
Discovery & Research
We conduct research to gather insights, analyze competitors, and identify trends.
Ideation & Concept
We brainstorm ideas and explore different concepts that align with the project goals.
Design & Development
We transform the chosen concept into tangible designs, sketches, wireframes, and/or prototypes.
Finalization & Delivery
We prepare the final deliverables, ensuring they are polished and ready for implementation within timeline.
"The beauty of industrial design is how it relates to people."
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Our Latest Projects

Immerse yourself in a visual journey of success through our projects, where each campaign is a testament to our creative prowess.

Various Prototyping services

Prototyping allows rapid developement of products and find innovation possibilities prior to production.

GreenSelect Diffuser engraving

Plexus Home Server

our industrial design service combines creativity, problem-solving, and expertise to create products that resonate with customers and address specific market needs.

Corporate identity Rick Tuinrealisatie

Visually strong products sell better.

Superbly assisted by Niek and Gwen from ODES Design. I wanted my logo engraved on my products. Even tho the task wasn’t urgent, they had it finished the very next day.
Top-notch! They’ll definitely see more of me!
Alexander Dusseljee

CEO GreenSelect

A fine, young, and dynamic company with staff that actively listens to customer preferences. We particularly appreciate their proactive problem-solving approach. They work neatly and efficiently, maintain good communication. they deserve a solid 5-star rating
Rick v.d. Esschert

Rick van de Esschert Tuinrealisatie en onderhoud