services we provide

Discovery & Research
We conduct research to gather insights, analyze competitors, and identify trends.
Ideation & Concept
We brainstorm ideas and explore different concepts that align withthe project goals.
Design & Development
We transform the chosen concept into tangible designs, sketches, wireframes, and/or prototypes.
Finalization & Delivery
We prepare the final deliverables, ensuring they are polished and ready for implementation within timeline.
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What services does ODES provide?

ODES Design specializes in industrial design, (rapid) prototyping, graphic design and product visualization. We have had customers from many different sectors like; healthcare, industrial machinery, consumer products, signing companies and more.

These services can be individually requested, as well as a package. To see what fits your project, please contact us.

Our prototyping shop professionally outfitted to be able to do lasercutting, 3D printing, (CNC) milling, turning, woodworking and much more. Please contact us to learn more about our workshop capabilities.

How long does it take to complete?

We harness the power of social media platforms to expand your reach, engage your audience, and drive brand awareness towards your business’ profitable future.

What is the cost of your services?

Every assignment is different. Therefore, we do not use a standardized hourly rate for our different services. Feel free to contact us about your project to see what we charges on your specific assignment. For indicational purpose, see the average pricing indication below.

Industrial design: €85 /h
Prototyping: €70 /h
Graphic design: €65 /h
Product visualization: €55 /h

To get an estimation of the cost for your project, multiply the hourly rate with the amount of hours needed for your project. (this is just an indication. No rights can be derived)

How does ODES improve my ROI?

A purely functional, non aesthetic product, will not sell. An aesthetically strong product which does not function, will not sell either. ODES makes sure you have an aesthetically strong and functionally working product.
We make sure that your product will fulfill your customer's demands.

It is proven that a good design can increase sales by 60%. To learn more about the importance of industrial design, please check your blog article.

"if you think good design is expensive, take a look at the cost of bad design".